You may be eligible for home health aide services if you need assistance with personal care while being treated at home by a nurse, physical therapist, and/or speech language pathologist. Home health aide services are provided on an intermittent basis. the services the aide provides will be determined by the nurse in accordance with your physician and based on your specific needs. The primary function of the home health aide is to provide assistance with personal care and limited household functions. 

Such assistance may include:

  • Helping the patient bathe and dress
  • Assisting the patient in and out of bed
  • Assisting with mouth and hair care
  • Helping with exercise
  • Changing the patient's linens
  • Assisting with training in self-care techniques
  • Preparing a light lunch or breakfast
  • Laundering or drying essential items as time permits
  • Light cleaning and straightening of the patient care area

A Medco Home Health Aide will provide a wide range of service such as assistance with daily living tasks to individuals having difficulty caring for themselves. Medco caregivers are patient, responsible and motivated to care for others.